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Sandra teaching child

Sandra Dianne Weinstein is a child advocate and educator, working with infants through young adults for over 25 years. Her dynamic and pioneering spirit has made her an accomplished leader in the field of child development, alternative education and parent enrichment. As an educational consultant, she offers programs for parents, educators, and caregivers.

Her classroom style is rich in the arts, nature crafts, and health conscious nutritional programs. Her love of storytelling and myth, drama, puppetry, music and creative movement, and positive imagery evoke a mood that enriches heart and soul for all ages.

Sandra received her BA from New College of California in San Francisco. Her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology is in progress at Argosy University in Alameda where she attends the weekend program. Her focus is Child Psychology and play therapy. Educated in Waldorf Education, and certified with honors in the Montessori Method, she founded and directed five inspired Waldorf Schools and taught therein. She is a certified instructor in Rites of Passage for adolescent girls and Coming of Age Teacher Training from Cycles, Inc. in Sebastopol, CA.

Sandra’s twelve-year association with John Gray and life experience with infants to young adults, make her a masterful resource. John is the author of the renowned, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. As former Parenting Director for the Mars Venus Institute in Mill Valley, California, she assisted John with the writing of the parenting book, Children Are from Heaven and related workshops taught worldwide. Sandra, then, taught alongside him in Hawaii, working with a group of 60 adults in the Seven Day Healing the Heart seminar.

Sandra provides groundbreaking insights on how to meet the needs of today’s children and adolescents using creativity, humor, and playfulness to set loving limits, dissolve power struggles and communicate compassionately. The positive upbeat information helps one clear away old patterns of behavior. Her expertise shines through as she warmly inspires others with positive parenting skills for raising confident, cooperative, compassionate children. Sandra’s refreshing presentation provides parents and caregivers with practical and fast, easy-to-use tools. Participants are amazed at these simple, yet powerful principles that work magic.


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