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Example Early Childhood Workshop

Enlightened Parenting Education Series

Workshops with Sandra Dianne Weinstein

Introduction to Enlightened Parenting

1. Discoveries in Positive Discipline
  • Montessori and Waldorf Approaches
  • Summary of Upcoming Classes
  • Mono-Consciousness
  • The Magical Child or the Hurried Child?
  • Fully Ripened Foundation for Life

2. Overview - The First Seven Years
  • Picture of the Human Being 0-21
  • The Inner Life of the Young Child
  • The Age of Imitation
  • The Child as a Sponge or Sense Organ
  • The Development of the Will

3.The Role of Rhythm and Imagery
  • Rhythms of the Day, Month and Year
  • Rhythm and Positive Discipline
  • Benefits of Rhythm in a Hectic World
  • Positive Imagery and its Role in Teaching and Discipline
  • The Young Child and the Symbolic Mind

4. Enlightened Parenting (Positive Discipline)
  • Parenting Styles Fear or Love Based?
  • Bring out the Best - The Indirect Route
  • The Child's Sense of Self - Mirroring
  • No Blame No Shame
  • Cooperation Without Punishment
  • Positive and Negative Acknowledgments
  • Techniques "Up My Sleeve"

5. How To Talk So Kids Will Listen
     And Listen So Kids Will Talk
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Nurturing Messages For Success
  • Weaving In Wholesome Imagery
  • Parent Crash Course In Playfulness

6. Techniques - The Art Of Playfully Taking Charge
  • Three Steps Ahead
  • Win-Win Philosophy
  • The Environment Speaks – Less Is More
  • Nature As Anchor

7. Limit Setting With Love From A-Z
  • Five Steps To Avoid Melt Down And End Power Struggles
  • Healthy Time Out – The Last Resort

8. Mars Venus Parenting
     Five Positive Messages To Give Your Child
  • It's okay to be different
  • It's okay to make mistakes
  • It's okay to express negative emotions
  • It's okay to want more
  • It's okay to say no, but Mom and Dad are "the boss"

9. The Four Temperaments
  • The Choleric
  • The Sanguine
  • The Melancholic
  • The Phlegmatic
  • Which Type is Your Child?
  • Which Type Are You?
  • Meeting the Needs of Each Type

10. The Value of Play
  • Play - the Child's Work
  • Wholesome Nourishing Play
  • How To Encourage Optimal Play
  • Metaphoric Symbolic Play and Perceptual Mobility
  • Brain Development - Reptilian and Limbic Systems
  • The Road to Creative Intelligence

11. Use the Arts in Enlightened Parenting
  • Songs For Fun and Easy transitions
  • Stories That Teach and Heal
  • Art, Humor and Playfulness
  • Creative Movement A little Magic to take Away
  • Crafts - Custom Made character/doll for your child

12. Make Your Own Doll Or Character
  • A Tool for Positive Parenting
  • Simple Crafts And Character Development
  • A Gift For Your Child Made By You

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