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"I have had every kind of child challenge under the sun and I am quick on my feet with creative advice for effective and compassionate parenting" says Sandra, alternative educator for over 25 years. Founder, Director and Teacher of five schools and trained in Waldorf and Montessori with honors, she brings groundbreaking insights on positive parenting. Learn how to bring out the best in your child through the "Enchant The Child" Teacher and Caregiver Training or the "Enlightened Parenting" Series. Being a Mars Venus Facilitator and Former Parenting Director for Dr. John Gray, Sandra offers unique and rare "Mars Venus" Child Awareness and Gender Fair Tips for today's child.

Sandra is available for consultations, workshops and seminars upon request. She is the "Original Nanny" in that for a many years she has gone to parent's homes for dinner and bedtime rituals for observation of young children and parenting styles. She offers special 'on the spot' advice and creative suggestions for the young child with songs, stories, rhymes and communication techniques for immediate cooperation and playful, hassle-free daily transtions. Use higher imagery and learn to effortlessly set limits through rhythm in an indirect way for the little ones. Habits developed in early life are invaluable for the future. She teaches the difference in the awareness of the young child and the adult, creating an understanding and an effective and fun-filled model for parents to enjoy peaceful passages throughout the day using compassionate communication. Young children's "storylike" existence requires a different kind of presence, as they have not yet progressed into linear thinking. They, if fact, are still at the level of the "symbolic" mind. When we meet the young children at their level, they respond with delight and undying cooperation with great appreciation for a person that truly "sees" them.

For your older child or adolescent, Sandra offers age appropriate advice on setting limits with love. Her practical suggestions are very hands-on, well stuctured with easy-to-use tools for any parent. Issues such as peer pressure, healthy eating and exercise, study habits, behavior and attitude, chores and respect including compassionate and effective communication. Learn how to foster self confidence and self discipline. Parenting techniques for teenagers are different than those necessary in earlier years. They need wise guidance for a healthy, abundant and successful future in a challenging world.

Most of us do not have models for effective, conscious parenting. Old school discipline was based on "fear". Evidence is clear that punishment is ineffective and even damaging. They new way is through "love" and creativity. You never have to raise your voice or lay a hand on a child! It takes some education and a little practice. Find out more. See "Teacher Training" or "Enlightened Parenting" for more information on philospophy.

For inquiries on setting up an event or private consultation in your area or a telephone session, contact Sandra using the contact form on this website.


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