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Magic of Life
"Sandra knows how to find her way into all children's hearts and reveal the magic of life to them."
Bonnie (Mrs. John) Gray, Parent - "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" - Mill Valley, CA
Truly Inspired with Extraordinary Parent Evenings
"My daughter loved Sandra so much and her skills were so impressive that I later hired her as Parenting Director for the Mars Venus Institute. She is truly an inspired teacher and her parent evenings were extraordinary."
Dr. John Gray, author "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus".
Creativity Imagination, Social and Emotional Harmony
"We were tremendously impressed with Sandra's abilities as a classroom teacher. Our child has greater trust and confidence in himself. She fostered a degree of harmony and cooperation among the children, which we have seldom witnessed in a classroom. She brought out creativity, nurtured imagination, and gave each child a sense of wonder. We were impressed with Sandra's dedication to her work and she provided parents in our school with excellent ongoing enrichment. She has the ability to create a vision and to execute it with dedication, care, and a high level of responsibility."
Jim Garrison, Parent, President, State of the World Forum, San Francisco
Claire Ryle Garrison, Parent, Coordinator Whole Child Initiative,
State of the World Forum, San Francisco Initiative, Mill Valley, CA
Gifted, Lead & Follow, Nurturing
"In my work as a teacher and coach in both elementary and secondary school systems, I have observed only a few gifted teachers. Sandra D. Weinstein is one of them. To at once lead and follow a child, to allow a students own interests and personality to determine how best to teach that child is a gift. Sandra has this ability. Sandra nurtured and fortified each child's self image and made each of her students feel special. She is always gentle and kind, but this is not enough to be an effective role model for children. She is also purposeful and understanding. This is a unique blend. I witnessed the effectiveness of Sandra's direction in her work, a holistic form of education, which is a product of careful thought and study. This should be recognized as an impressive accomplishment. It is for these reasons, and because of my sonís fondness for Sandra, that I support any endeavor Sandra undertakes in the field of education."
Fred Arnold, Parent, Entrepreneur, Sebastopol, CA
Mixed Age, Security, Structure
"I visited Sandra's mixed age classroom and found it pedagogically supportable in that she was totally in tune with the requirement of the age group in her charge. The children felt secure, were very deeply engrossed in their imaginative play and responded freely, fully and very naturally to the structured activities of the day. Her non-authoritative, gentle firmness, her inner calmness, and her ability to guide the children imaginatively through developing situations made this extended home program all it needs to be."
Georg Locher, Director, Waldorf Trainer, Emerson College, England
Thanks From Waldorf Community
"I wish to express sincere appreciation for the work of Sandra in regard to the children from in our community. Her work is vital to the well being of children and I was delighted to receive happy and well-prepared children into my Kindergartens over the years from her care. Her work with parents in her community is of far reaching significance."
Bonnie River Bento, Waldorf Educator, Gradalis Seminars, Boulder, CO
Creative Discipline
"Sandra's workshop was fabulous. She was well organized and entertaining and provided our staff with excellent tools for working with children and infants though ten-year-olds. Sandra's prior experience as a teacher gave her a real understanding of what tools we would need to be successful on a daily basis. We left the workshop inspired and enthusiastic and ready to implement the models she presented. She showed real sensitivity to the needs of today's children and parents and presented ways to enhance the classroom, as well as family life. The creative or supportive discipline information was the most outstanding!"
Jane Hutton, Director, Children's Discovery Centers, Kiddie Academy, Vallejo, CA
Creative, Artistic - Enhanced Well-Being
"I was very pleased to have witnessed Sandra's work with parents and children in various schools founded by her. Sandra's creative and artistic way of working with children has been of great benefit. Her enthusiasm was contagious in the scope of parent education. She was instrumental in establishing healthy programs in the schools and enhanced the well being of many children."
Kamala Geroux Berry, Psychologist, former teacher, Parent, Mill Valley, CA


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